My name is Natalia, I am 32 years old. My family and I are very grateful to the company ICG WORLD for help in immigration to Canada. We have long been dreaming to immigrate, but did not believe it was possible. We read a lot of different information on the Internet, called in many firms. But when we called the company ICG WORLD, I was so well-all told, I really believed that I would succeed.  From our family I recognized the principal applicant, as I'm an economist, and all documents made on me. Immigration process under the federal program lasted 1 year and 2 months. The most difficult thing was for me - is to tighten English and pass the IELTS test. But, though not the first time, but I passed the test.

   The immigration consultants of ICG WORLD Company have prepared all the necessary documents for us. And here we are a year in Canada! This is a very cool country with a very nice helpful people. I and my husband are working; by the way, we also found a job through an immigration consultant company ICG WORLD. It has helped us to create a resume and sent to their employers, and a week later we were already working.

      We are very grateful to the company ICG WORLD, that have helped us to make the first step and that helped and advised us throughout the immigration process before coming to Canada and in Canada itself. If anyone still doubts, we recommend you for immigration in Canada the Company ICG WORLD!






Oleg and Natalia (Kiev) Vancouver

We have two years living in Canada in a very green and beautiful city - Laval, Quebec. We immigrated through immigration company ICG WORLD by the provincial program in Quebec. Here in Canada, our relatives live in Toronto. They advertised us Canada. We are very pleased that immigrated to this province. Our city is very much like a European city. We thank ICG WORLD Company for assistance immigration and adaptation and would like to recommend this company to everyone, because they are really professional!




 Leonid and Svetlana Laval, Quebec (Odessa)

I saw many reviews and could not stay away, too, want to leave feedback about the company ICG WORLD. I've been trying to immigrate to Canada, the English know very well, as worked on the US cruise ships. I passed the Test of English 7.0. Re-read on the internet a lot of information and reviews. After one cruise I decided exactly applying to immigrate. I lived in Kharkov and turned it into one company. I was told that you have to pay money, fill out a form and you will be called back. After waiting 3 months, they do not call back, when I went to them, workers say, you do not qualify for immigration, you have a low level of language. I read on the internet that people with 6.0 pass. I began to try to find another company. Then I called simply advertising the company ICG WORLD. I knew immediately that they are professionals because asked many different questions and all the answers received. Then I was offered to talk about the whole process of immigration in Skype. Of course, I do competently told, but I had all the same experience as the closest office was in Kherson, rather than in Kharkov, I still doubted, but then phoned again and decided to take a chance. A week later I got a call and was told that my candidacy is considered a Canadian immigration consultant positive. I was in the tenth heaven. After 6 months, I was already in Canada. For this I am very grateful to the company ICG WORLD.


Irina, 36 years old (Kharkov) -British Columbia

I would like to thank the company ICG WORLD for help in choosing the university in Canada and assist in the preparation of documents for admission. I own tried to apply to study in Canada to the Consulate and 2 times was refused. Despite this, experts of the company ICG WORLD took up my case and now I have a 3 month trained in Winnipeg.




                     Olga '23, a student of Winnipeg (Kherson)

My name is Valery; I thank ICG WORLD Company for help in preparing the documents for study and selection of the institution. I'm learning and live in Vancouver. I do really like in Canada all things¬, Canada generally offers great prospects for young professionals. Therefore, I recommend to everyone not to be afraid and to go and succeed!





Valery-student 26 years (Kiev) – Vancouver

Our family wishes to thank the immigration company ICG WORLD for their help in our immigration. We have a very long time through different companies have tried to immigrate, but did not, all we were denied because of age (46 years old). We have already lost hope when accidentally came across an article on the website of ICG WORLD company about immigration to the province of Nova Scotia. We immediately contacted the representatives of the company and submitted their questionnaires for consideration. We no longer hope that our dream was once to become a reality. But we are very happy that were wrong. In the company we evaluated the positive and assistants of the company made all the necessary documents, we just passed the test in English and translated into English our documents. We have in Canada two months living in Dartmouth. All really like working, adapt, meet new people and thank ICG WORLD Company for assistance in the implementation of the dream!




                                    Alexander and Eugenia (Dnepropetrovsk) -New Scotland



Good afternoon everyone!

My name is Igor, we want to tell a happy story of our family immigration to Canada! Our friends had immigrated to Canada three years ago through the company ICG WORLD and were very pleased. Therefore, we were recommended this company. We also very much wanted to move the whole family to live in Canada, but there were a lot of questions and doubts: where to live, and will we find a job there, and how there we will generally adapt. When I came to the first interview with my wife in the company of ICG WORLD office, the director of the Company Sergey very lucidly explained all at once to us, and all hesitation disappeared, we decided to try and move forward. Very grateful for that Sergey, all office employees, and of course our Canadian Immigration consultants! Gone through the immigration process, I can say with confidence that the company ICG WORLD are real professionals, who at any time in touch and always, helped us with all the documents, not even relating to immigration. We have passed the immigration program for Express Entry; the entire immigration process took us 8 months. And hurray, we are in Canada. Canadian office workers helped us to rent an apartment, to arrange our children to school, make a correct resume. So we did not have a strong fuss. We found work within 2 weeks. I was at the interview only in one place and I immediately was taken; the wife was in 2 places and its both were willing to take, she chose closer to home. We are already half a year in Canada. It never ceases to amaze how this beautiful country, as far as the high level of the economy as far as everything is thought out and simple. There is nothing and nowhere does not cause stress. We are very pleased that moved and asked for help namely the company ICG WORLD. Thank you!






Igor and Svetlana (Kherson) –Toronto

We want to share the happy history of our immigration and thank the company ICG WORLD for it. Our immigration went very smoothly without any problems. We sent a request to the site ICG WORLD; we were called back and offered advice on Skype in a few days. Experts of the company in great detail told us everything and we immediately decided to start. We filled out the questionnaire and were appreciated the program Express Entry. I am a translator with a degree in English and German, and my husband engineer - electrician. We decided that it would be easier to pass English (2 months later I passed it to 7.0), and after that everything went quite quickly. As a result, after 8 months, we were already in Canada. Now we live in a very good city of Waterloo with nice and helpful people, we like everything very much. Recently we looked after very beautiful house, planning to take a loan for 30 years. The bank said that new immigrants have great discounts. In general, everything is fine!




                                      Kristina and Oleg (Mariupol) Waterloo




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